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Verizon Business Account - Verizon Sso Portal

Verizon Business Account - Verizon Sso Portal
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Verizon Wireless - My Business Account / Sign in

How to login
  • 1. Go to the Verizon Business SSO web page.
  • 2. Enter your User ID in the appropriate field and click “Sign In”.
  • 3. Enter your password in the appropriate field and click “Sign In”.
  • 4. Review and accept Verizon's terms of use before continuing to log in by clicking "Accept".
  • 5. Once you have accepted the Terms of Use, you will be logged into your Verizon Business SSO account.

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Q: What is Verizon Business SSO?

A: Verizon Business SSO (Single Sign-On) is an authentication service that enables secure access to multiple applications with a single login. It simplifies user access, reduces the need for users to remember multiple usernames and passwords, and ensures secure access to applications.

Q: How does Verizon Business SSO work?

A: When a user logs into their account, they will be authenticated using their username and password. Once authenticated, the user will be redirected to their application(s), where they can securely access all of the features available.

Q: Who can use Verizon Business SSO?

A: Verizon Business SSO is designed for businesses who have multiple applications that need secure dedicated access for employees or customers. It provides a unified sign-on experience across all applications, making it easier for users to manage their accounts.

Q: What are the benefits of using Verizon Business SSO?

A: Using Verizon Business SSO eliminates the need for users to remember multiple usernames and passwords; simplifies user access by providing a single sign-on experience; helps maintain compliance with security regulations; and increases productivity by reducing time spent on logging in and out of different services.

Q: Is there any cost associated with using Verizon Business SSO?

A: Yes, there are some costs associated with using the service. These include setup fees, monthly subscription charges, additional usage fees depending on your plan, as well as any applicable taxes or surcharges.


To complete the login steps, make sure that your device is connected to the internet. Follow all the steps correctly and get access to your account.

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