Top 7 Laugh Out Loud Manga On Mangago

A Collection of the Town's Funniest Manga!

A Collection of the Town's Funniest Manga!


A funny Manga novel and a cup of matcha latte are sometimes all you need.

Top 7 Laugh-Out-Loud Manga on Mangago

Are you having a bad day? Or are you in a bad mood? Even if you've been feeling down lately, there's always a funny manga out there that may cheer you up. It's another reason to look through Mangago's massive library.

Mangago does, in fact, provide a sizable selection of manga that will make your stomach hurt from laughing so hard. Not to mention, it's a freeware site that doesn't require users to create or log in every time they visit. Furthermore, you may effortlessly go to your preferred genres.

Speaking of genres, these are the top 7 most funny manga on Mangago. Hopefully, it will help you make up for a gloomy day and allow you to get over the rough patches. BE STRONG!

1. Grand Blue

Grand Blue


A college freshman Iori Kitahara came across the odd diving club called Peek-A-Boo. The club members were gorgeous drunkards who go out and party frequently. They also like to do crazy things like stripping naked in the center of a diving store.

Grand Blue's narrative is full of amazing pranks, outrageous stunts, outrageous jokes, and weird yet engaging discussion. The characters are already unusual, but when you mix that with the over-the-top reactions, you have one giant laughter grenade that will have you laughing at every flip of the page.

2. One-Punch Man

One-Punch Man


Saitama believed he would become the superhero he desired after three years of completing 100 pushups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats, and jogging 10 kilometers day after day. Apart from this, he is unsatisfied with his heroic duty as he's so powerful that he can beat any enemy with a single punch.

One-Punch Man is jam-packed with silly antagonists, pitiful opponents, and an entertaining sense of humor. Because Saitama easily defeats any evil entity with a single punch, people can enjoy the hilarity without stressing whether Saitama would win.

3. My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom!

My Next Life as a Villainess All Routes Lead to Doom!


An ordinary high school girl awakens as the main antagonist of the recently otome game she finished, and she rapidly realizes that her reborn body would perish regardless of what deeds she does in the game.

However, she has the advantage of possessing a separate soul, one that is aware of Katerina Claes' fate and may intervene. You will surely laugh hard at what she might do to shun all romantic avenues while also assisting others to awaken their evil natures.

4. Sakamoto Days

Sakamoto Days


The name Taro Sakamoto drives shivers down his opponents' spines. And the formidable Sakamoto fell madly in love and got married, and now works as a clerk in a small grocery store in town with his adoring wife and children. Even though Sakamoto left the realm of brutality behind, his skills remain profoundly ingrained in his mind and body

Therefore Sakamoto started a journey with a young guy who was once his junior in the organization. Readers will appreciate the humor behind how Sakamoto handles numerous boring issues in their little town with highly creative assassin abilities.

5. Shikimori: not just a cutie

Shikimori not just a cutie


Yuu Izumi is a young man with an extraordinarily awful misfortune and a weak physical temperament. And every single day that he gets entangled in some mishap, his lover, Micchon Shikimori, on the other hand, is the absolute opposite of Izumi. Shikimori is a lovely and dependable young lady who succeeds in athletic competitions and studies. 

Shikimori is also who constantly defends Izumi if they're around each other. She is the brave female warrior who is always willing to help her beau in danger. Shikimori and Izumi's unusual relationship is definitely extraordinary, hilarious, and uplifting.

6. Tomo-chan is a girl!

Tomo-chan is a girl


Tomo Aizawa is a passionate and manly girl who is also a karate expert. Junichiro Kubota is Tomo's closest buddy, and they're already participating in sports even when they were kids. Tomo genuinely has a crush on Jun, but Jun solely regards Tomo as one of the boys. The entire story centers around Tomo's effort to win Jun's heart, which usually results in tragic and amusing miscommunications.

This 4-Koma mangaowl is packed with quick and punchy jokes. The basic plot and endearing characters combine to produce a winning combination of romantic courtship and side-splitting laughter.

7. Hinamatsuri



Yoshifumi Nitta is a low-level Yakuza member who has consistently failed at his task. But after a long and frustrating day at his job, a big capsule-like object emerges in his living area one evening. To his shock, a young girl named Hina bursts from the capsule. What's more astounding is that Hina possesses a powerful superhuman ability. Check out Mangakakalot to read the funny manga.

Hina would smash Nitta's opposing organization and handle other mundane Yakuza jobs in return for tasty and costly dishes. If we're talking about crazy scenarios, this list is chock-full of them. And when the madness is paired with Nitta's exaggerated emotions and Hina's serious faces, it results in one of the greatest funny mangas ever produced.