20 Sites Like 123movies That Work in 2024

An entirely new era of internet technology introduced a better future for humanity. The online streaming era was introduced to us through this world. 

Streaming movies is also included in this service. Hundreds of thousands of websites are accessible online for downloading or streaming movies at present. 

People who are busy outdoors or inside the home can benefit greatly from watching online movies with 123movies. As a result, not only has the movie industry experienced a massive impact, but there has been a lot of competition among the companies that rent DVDs.

What is 123Movies?

The 123Movies website used to be a popular site for streaming movies and TV shows. 

In March 2018, the official website of 123Movies was taken down. There are, however, copies of the site still around and they can be accessed through online mirrors. 

Google Trends indicates that 123Movies continues to be one of the most popular search terms. This shows there is still high demand for these streaming services.

There are a number of law-enforcement agencies worldwide that are keeping a close eye on sites and services that allow users to view copyrighted content. 

It raises the question, is 123movies a streaming service? In order to stay safe on 123Movies, what should people do? What other options are there?

How to Access 123Movies

123Movies is illegal in some jurisdictions. In certain regions, the practice is legal. Nevertheless, people in these regions must ensure they take the necessary steps to remain safe when visiting sites like 123Movies. Here’s how it’s done:

  • A VPN can be used. Antivirus software is important as well.
  • 123 Movies mirrors are accessed through the mirror websites. You can also search for 123Movies Mirror.
  • You may need to find a site which lists 123Movies mirrors by using Google. Because there are some mirrors that Google does not show in its search results.

123Movies can be accessed in that way. 

Note: 123Movies and other sites such as it are not for legal use. We recommend that you check whether access to 123Movies is permitted in your country. Don’t use anything that is illegal.

Is it Illegal to use 123Movies?

It’s probably illegal for most people to use 123Movies. There is definitely an issue of piracy in every nation and in every region. 

Most countries ban the downloading of content protected by copyright in order to protect their intellectual property. Certain countries, however, allow it to be used for personal reasons or allow it completely.

You should always check the laws of your country regarding copyright infringement and piracy before visiting a site like 123Movies because each country has different laws. 

In terms of downloading content that is protected by copyright and streaming it, there is almost no difference. A stream is something you download and watch in real-time. You can only clear it after you exit a particular web page. 

The show or movie has still been downloaded. The streaming process is similar to downloading a torrent, then watching it immediately after downloading it, then deleting it afterward. So, streaming also comes under piracy.

What are the Legal Consequences of using 123Movies?

Piracy rules differ from country to country, but the penalties for breaking these rules also vary.  In Germany, for instance, if the authorities discover you’ve downloaded copyrighted content, you’re fined quite severely. 

Others may give you just a warning. Because streaming services like 123Movies do not leave any files on someone’s computer after they watch a stream, prosecution is even harder. Even though your IP address can be tracked easily.

Most countries do not actively prosecute users of illegal streaming services for breaking the rules that govern them. People who distribute content are often targeted by authorities, not individual viewers.

It’s possible, however, that you might get a hefty fine if you are in a country that cracks down on copyright infringement. The cost of this can become very high.

How to Watch 123Movies in a Safe Way

We cannot endorse the use of 123Movies in many countries since 123Movies isn’t permitted. You can, however, use such a streaming service in a number of countries.

Even in countries where it’s legal, there are still some precautions you should take to avoid prying eyes, viruses, or malicious websites.

It is highly recommended that you use antivirus software and a VPN for data protection. There is a VPN called Surfshark that is popular these days. 

Your ISP and government will be unable to view your internet and streaming activities if you are using a VPN like Surfshark.

A VPN and antivirus software ensure your privacy and protect you from malware and spying websites. 

Yet, we want to stress that only a few countries users are allowed to download and view copyrighted content. 

When streaming services like 123Movies you are less likely to be caught using a VPN, because it makes you anonymous.

However, the law of the locality must still be followed. When you are unsure of what the rules are, seek guidance from a local expert.

Is it Dangerous to Use 123Movies?

The topic of whether or not you’re permitted to access content from a site like 123Movies has already been discussed briefly. However, except for the fines you can get when using this site, we have not discussed possible safety risks.

The question of ‘is 123Movies safe?’ is notoriously hard to answer simply yes or no. 

There are a couple of factors to consider, most of which are under the control of the website host.

There is no official 123Movies website anymore, so 123Movies users have to access its databases through copies, also called mirrors. 

There is a third-party hosting and controlling these services rather than the original website of 123Movies. 

In other words, quality control isn’t in place. You may be tracked by someone owning a copy of a website. Malware can also be infected and injected into such copy sites. 

The fact that so many copies exist makes it difficult to identify whether or not all of them are safe. 

Honestly, some of the mirrors are safe, while others aren’t. Protecting yourself with a VPN and antivirus software are your only options for staying safe online.

Watch out for Mirrors

It has been officially announced that 123Movies will no longer be accessible as of 2018. Sites that look like 123Movies or use its name are copies/mirrors. 

The copies have been made to look as close as possible to the originals. A disadvantage of having them is that they could possibly belong to anyone. 

Several of these mirrors could act as a conduit for malware to spread, as we’ve already mentioned.

These mirrors are difficult to report to authorities as well. This is because they can easily be taken down and replaced with another name.

20 Sites Like 123movies

  1. Amazon Prime
  2. PrimeWire
  3. Hulu
  4. Vumoo
  5. Crackle
  6. PutLocker
  7. YesMovies
  8. FlixTor
  9. CleverGet
  10.  Bmovies 
  11. StreamFab 
  12. 1HD
  13. FMovies 
  14. MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader
  15. Cmovies (Not Working)
  16. 5movies
  17. Rainierland 
  18. M4uFree.TV
  19. ZMoviess
  20. StreamLord

Final Words

There is an exponential growth in the movie industry. Through all the hard work and dedication the online movie platforms have also set an example in society. 

It’s very positive to see a field this strong, and with so many outspoken, inspiring individuals growing. They are also taking into account the improvement of some loopholes in piracy as well. 

We do not endorse piracy in any way. You should only surf websites which are legal to use in your country.

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