Play These Five Online Games From Anywhere

Online games are the go-to place for avid gamers who want to blow off steam and relax. However, online games have always been surrounded by numerous myths. According to Business Insider, there are multiple reasons why online games are not suitable for anyone. In contrast, most people do not know that playing online games has numerous advantages. Online gaming significantly helps in reducing stress and elevating the mood of players. Furthermore, it also improves concentration, and if pursued professionally, it can prove to be an excellent source of income. 

Since everyone owns a smartphone these days, the popularity of online mobiles games has also magnanimously increased. People can play numerous online games from anywhere by using their smartphones. Here are the top five online games people can easily play from anywhere using their mobile phones:

  • Ludo

Ludo is one of the most popular board games anyone can play for enjoyment with friends or family members. The online version of the classic strategy-based board game adds more exciting elements that further elevate the entertainment quotient. Players can choose from numerous modes, such as classic mode, where a match is played one-on-one between two individuals, or multiplayer mode, where a team of two players plays against another team of the same composition. The rules of the classic game mode are similar to that of the offline version, i.e., the player whose tokens reach their respective home first wins the game. The virtual version of ludo makes it convenient for players to stay connected with friends and family. This is one of the main reasons most people prefer playing online ludo compared to the offline version. Besides enhancing convenience, the game also improves players’ logical thinking and other cognitive skills. 

  • Carrom

The majority of the individuals who have grown up playing carrom like indulging in online carrom matches, so the virtual version of the tabletop game is a widely-played online mobile game. Online carrom offers numerous game modes that enhance players’ experience. In online carrom, players can choose between single or multiplayer mode as per their preference. Online carrom’s 1v1 mode allows players to hone their skills by matching them against skillful opponents. This helps them improve their tactics and strategies and facilitates them to connect with different individuals online and play against them. The multiplayer mode of online carrom, on the other hand, is highly preferred by players because it allows them to team up with friends or family members virtually and play together to defeat opponents from around the globe. There are exceptional mobile applications available for players who want to play carrom online. Carrom enthusiasts can conveniently start playing online matches and compete against other players individually or team up with friends or family members by downloading and installing their preferred carrom game’s application. 

  • Chess

Chess is one of the oldest board games that benefit players in more than one way. The case with the virtual version of the IQ-enhancing game is no different. Online chess facilitates players to compete against one another in real-time. The online version of the game allows players to exercise both hemispheres of their brains and boosts their creativity. Furthermore, it also enhances the players’ memory and maximizes their problem-solving skills. The rules, including the movement of pieces of online chess, are similar to the offline version. Online chess packs all the benefits of popular board games and presents them in a  compact and optimized manner. By playing online chess on their mobiles, players can choose to match up against their friends or more skillful players from around the globe. By indulging in online chess games frequently, players can ensure that their brain’s creative muscles stay active and exercised. 

  • Pool

Online pool games are highly preferred by individuals who closely follow cue sports. In addition to being fun and addictive, the online version of the table-based game has many mental benefits. It significantly helps improve players’ focus and improves their hand-eye coordination. Furthermore, it stimulates players to effectively come up with tactical strategies to overpower their opponent, which as a result, helps in enhancing logical and cognitive abilities. To win an online 8-ball pool game, players need to pot all the marked balls (either stripes or solids) followed by the black or 8-Ball ball. Whichever player pots all the balls first wins the game. Playing online pool on mobile with friends or other players is a great way to relax and release stress, which is why the online mobile game has so many ardent fans worldwide. 

  • Sudoku

Originated in Japan, Sudoku is a low-effort number-based game played by millions of people globally. It is a puzzle game with numerous variants such as Color Sudoku, Image Sudoku, Jigsaw Soduko, etc. Mobile gamers highly prefer the online version of Sudoku because it is a straightforward game that has tons of benefits. It helps reduce anxiety and stress and significantly boosts players’ concentration and thinking skills. Moreover, it also enhances their problem-solving skills. Since it does not require any special math knowledge, people of all age groups enjoy playing the online mobile version of the game. 

Playing online mobile games is a convenient way of relaxing and releasing stress after a long tiring day. It also allows players to stay connected with their friends and family virtually, i.e., without meeting. By playing the online mobile games mentioned above, players can unwind and refresh their minds without hassle.