Top 10+ Best Printers with Refillable Ink Cartridges in 2020

Best Printers with Refillable Ink Cartridges

Color printers have evolved over the years. The cost of color printouts with respect to inkjet printers are high and not everyone wants to add it to their overheads. This is where refillable ink cartridges come into play. Refilling a cartridge helps reduce the cost. This reduces the cost drastically. Not all-in-one’s are one. If … Read more

Printer Buying Guide: What is a Printer and Types of Printers?

Printer Buying Guide

A printer is a machine that prints, but it’s not where we conclude the statement or the definition. A printer is a fascinating machine printing on anything and almost everything in the modern world today. These machines are capable of turning your work simpler and faster. They get jobs done, exactly how you want, and … Read more

Top 10+ Best 4×6 Photo Printers in 2020

Best 4x6 Photo Printers

Photographs are snapshots of memories. It doesn’t matter whether you are a hobbyist who likes clicking and storing pictures, an emotional person who loves storing memories or a professional photographer, to bring out the most from a photograph, one needs a photo printer. Photographs tell a tale of their own, not captured by e-images. Hard … Read more

Top 10+ Best Printer For Vinyl Stickers in 2020

Best Printer For Vinyl Stickers

Do you love your art and craft? Are you one of those who run a small business and want to print your own stickers and reduce your cost? Well it is now all fun and games if you want to do it. Investing in the right printer which can print on vinyl stickers will help … Read more

Top 10+ Best Printer for Printing Checks in 2020

Best Printer for Printing Checks

Manual filling of checks is not something one looks forward to, not only is it a painstakingly rudimentary task, but it is also a task which has a high scope of error. To ease out the hassles that are associated with printing of checks, one needs to invest in a printer for printing checks. Self-printing … Read more

Best Automatic Document Feed Scanner in 2020

Best Automatic Document Feed Scanner

You probably get irritated when you need to scan a bunch of documents. Manually feeding a huge stack of documents into the scanner is a huge task. That is where the automatic document feed scanner comes into play. Not only does an ADF scanner reduce the manual workload on an individual, but it also has … Read more

10 Best Printers under $100 [Only Tried & Tested Models]

Best Printers under 100

A lot of us tend to avoid buying a printer, fall into a trap of deep inconvenience of running around and finding a printer with a friend or family. This is because we do not want to incur the high costs that are associated with printers. What one needs to understand though is that printers … Read more