A website called Mkvmoviespoint offers access to illegally downloaded movies. You can download Telugu and Tamil movies from this site. Hollywood and Bollywood movies can also be downloaded from it. You do not have to pay a fee to do so. Let's see more about this website.

What is mkvmoviespoint?

This is a torrent site where pirated movies are uploaded. The site is serviced by people from unknown locations. The users can easily download their favourite movies. Users must first access the website by typing the domain name of the illegal mkvmoviespoint website in order to download movies. Users can then download movies by following the instructions provided on the website. 

Piracy websites are hosting an increasing number of movies. This is not a safe way to watch films. However, there are theaters and OTT platforms where you can watch films. On its site, the illegal website frequently posts leaks of new films and shows. The domain is often changed to prevent bans.

Piracy seems to be a problem for many movies. Pirate websites leak movies and web series once they have been released. In addition to leaking illegally released movies in different languages, the website has many other genres. 

These illegal websites do piracy of a new movie when it premieres in the theatres and upload it to their website. As soon as a movie is released, the latest download link for the movie can be found on the mkvmoviespoint illegal website. It is illegal to stream or download movies from illegal sites. Our recommendation is to stay away from these kinds of illegal websites.

The website provides free access to copyrighted movies on its website. Movies can be downloaded and viewed online for free on this website, which is popular among movie downloaders. This website allows free movie downloads. Mkvmoviespoint.In is an illegal website, so you need to be aware of that before visiting it.

It is also possible to download the MKVmoviespoint app if you like watching old and new Hollywood movies. Hindi-dubbed Hollywood movies are available for download in it.  On this website, you can download movies for free. There will be free web series as well. Other great features are available as well.

A wide range of Tamil and Tamil dubbed movies are available. Almost all Hollywood and Bollywood movies can be viewed for free on this illegal site. It has a wide variety of movies in various video quality levels. There are HD movies available on the website as well. A lot of users watch HD movies on the site. According to its users, the illegal website provides all movies with a certain level of streaming quality. The illegal website mkvmoviespoint offers different types of streaming quality for different types of movies.

Films dubbed in Hindi, Tamil, and other Indian languages are its specialty. There are a wide variety of Tamil films, web series, plays, and Tamil dubbed films on the site. Its main source of revenue is popup advertisements for Bollywood movies, just like other piracy websites.

This illegal website provides movies from all over the world, such as Hollywood, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, etc. You can also download dubbed movies from the website. Almost all movies shown on this illegal website can be downloaded in HD format. All TV shows and documentaries can also be viewed and downloaded from it.

According to, it is valued at roughly US$ 144,108. The website provides information about the websites. has calculated a website's advertisement income based on its traffic statistics. Ranking statistics, such as those from, have also been taken into account. Mkvmoviespoint, in addition to distributing pirated content, generates advertising revenues estimated at US$ 16,200 per year, according to With a visit rate of 1,096,920 visits and a browsing rate of 5,421,600 pages.

Since such content is pirated, a visit to these websites is prohibited by law. In some countries, such websites cannot load as a result of their own control mechanisms. The act of visiting such websites illegally is considered an offense. People viewing copyrighted work on pirated sites are subject to their own laws and punishments. 

The use of pirated websites to view copyrighted content is punishable by a heavy fine in most countries. The law of some countries allows an individual to be arrested for viewing illegal/prohibited content online, despite the heavy fine. As a result, you should be aware of your region's cyber law and be wary of online threats.


Here are some reasons why mkvmoviespoint is such a popular illegal website.

  • The website does not only offer the top movies of the day. In addition, it promotes various songs and web series. Additionally, people can stream local web series and other programs at the same time as they watch the film.
  • It offers different types of HD videos. You can find high-definition videos on it in qualities such as 360p, 720p, and 1080p. Choosing a movie and downloading it is as simple as a touch of a finger.
  • If you explore the website, you'll find that there's lots of options available. When you do not know what to watch, you can still find movies based on your mood with the different categories.
  • The URL of the website changes frequently. Thus, despite the government repeatedly blocking the site, people are still able to download films online even after the site has been blocked. The visitors can access several mirror servers that allow them to watch their favorite movies online.
  • Downloading movies is made easy by the simple interface.


The site has been divided into many categories to make it easily accessible for everyone. However, there is no limit to the number of movies that can be viewed. In order to make access to the films easier, this illegal website has organized them into different genres. This will make it easier for you to find the video. You will have a better chance of finding the perfect movie. The illegal website offers the following categories:

  • Horror
  • Web series
  • Drama
  • Children
  • TV series
  • Sports
  • Romance
  • Action
  • Sci-fi
  • War
  • Thriller
  • Tragedy
  • Mythology
  • Comedy
  • Mystery

How to Download

To download movies from it, follow these steps:

  • Google Mkvmoviepoint first. Click on the appropriate link.
  • You will see a wide selection of movie categories on the website after clicking on the link.
  • Select the category you wish to view.
  • The active link for the movie can be found here.
  • It will direct you to the download link.
  • Now, your download will begin.

Alternative List

Below you will find some alternatives to Mkvmoviespoint:

  1. Bolly4u
  2. Isaidub
  3. 7Starhd
  4. KatmovieHD
  5. filmymeet
  6. Moviesflix
  7. sd movies point
  8. aFilmywap
  9. HubFlix
  10. Movie4me
  11. Afilmywap
  12. Moviesda
  13. Jio Rockers 
  14. Flixmaza
  15. Moviespapa
  16. Happy2Hub
  17. skymovies
  18. moviesflix
  19. Hdhub4u
  20. Isaimini
  21. DjPunjab
  22. Ssr Movie


1. Is Downloading Movies From Mkvmoviespoint Illegal?

Indian law prohibits movie piracy. Such sites have been banned by the Indian government. A person who is found or gets any type of recording without the written consent of a producer or an author could receive 3 years in prison and a fine of ten lakh as per the Cinematograph Act accepted or approved in year 2019.

2. How Can Mkvmoviespoint Speed Up Movie Downloads?

Depending on the internet source, download speeds may vary. A Wi-Fi network can be used here. In this way, you will get the fastest download speeds.

3. How does a torrent downloader work?

Normal downloads are usually direct downloads. They can be done via the browser or through a download manager. Downloads through torrent clients are torrent downloads. There is one major difference between direct and indirect downloads. A torrent is a peer-to-peer download. The client can download from the source and other users can also download the same file at the same time. Client software that downloads content from a torrent file is known as a torrent downloader.

Final Words

This was all about mkvmoviespoint. As it is an illegal website, it is not safe to use. The government has banned this website. You might be punished if you use it.

The act of piracy is illegal. The Copyright Act of 1957 makes it illegal to copy and download illegal content. We do not tolerate piracy. We provide information on this site only. Moreover, this website does not promote or encourage piracy and other illegal activities.