Isaidub is a relatively new but highly trending website dedicated to piracy. It offers free pirated Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, and Kannada movies, as well as some ungrouped movies. Indian authorities have already taken action against the site. However, VPN services allow anyone to access the site without detection. They also help you to hide identities in some way or another. Continue reading for more information.

Each new release is uploaded within a few days or hours. More people are using the website's services due to the quality of its video and audio components. On this website, only Tamil movies were susceptible to piracy in the past. However, you can now watch Bollywood, Hollywood, Marathi, Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada, Bhojpuri, Pakistani, etc., movies today on this website.

What is isaidub?


It is a website that you can use to download free movies and shows. Every time a new movie is uploaded to the website, it is a pirated copy. Occasionally, Hollywood or foreign language movies are released days before their Indian premieres over here.

As a result of these piracy and torrent websites, the movie industry loses nearly $ 3 billion every year. Whenever movies are released, these websites leak them. The result is that fewer people actually watch movies and spend money on them. Filmmakers suffer a loss as a result.

This outbreak of piracy is thought to be the result of better technology in the countryside. Also, local cinemas release the latest and hottest movies on their unprotected screens. Despite that, they fail to comply with anti-piracy technologies. It is possible for the network of pirates working discreetly for the website to record the videos on their cheap but high quality phones located throughout India. The videos can be uploaded for little or no cost.

By luring users to pop-up ads when they click the download link, the website is able to generate huge profits. With every click, they make a good amount of money. Rather than use Google's AdSense, which requires personal information, these websites use other ad networks that do not demand this information. is a website that ranks other websites based on a variety of criteria. Each website is ranked according to the criteria it has been assigned. 

It is ranked 535,128 on, according to the website. It is becoming more popular every day. Globally, the ranking is now 535,128 instead of 996,708 as it was previously. About 5.85 million people view it every month.

Based on the data provided by, calculates the value of different websites. Approximately US $ 155,092 is estimated to be Isaidub's net worth. It is estimated that it receives approximately $ 17,280 in advertising revenue.

When downloading files from Isaidub, there is no need to submit any personal information. If you have a VPN active, you can access the site. In other words, it doesn't matter where you are. To get links to HD movies, you do not have to provide any personal information or fill out survey forms. Just click the movie link. The movie will open directly. 

Increasingly, people are becoming accustomed to technology. By using the four walls of their rooms for privacy, they are able to evade authority, since they take pride in having broken the law. You can get a free VPN on the Google Play Store. Some banned websites can be accessed without the authority warning sign with just one click. You can also use a proxy server.

However, these are meaningless. VPN services, especially free ones, still track your IP address and MAC address. As a result, virtual identity is exposed. The authority can find you this way.

This website is blacklisted. It is illegal to download or open any pirated file. Piracy is promoted by such websites. Users are free to watch movies without having to pay for them. Furthermore, it violates the copyright and trademark protocols that are the exclusive domain of filmmakers. A person who commits such an act is subject to prosecution under the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and the Piracy Law 2012.

Six months to three years in prison is part of the sentence, along with a fine of up to Rs 200,000. Also punished equally will be the people who surf the websites. The offenders will face fewer charges. The website can be blocked by the owner of the copyright. They don't do anything else.


Thanks to the many features that it possesses, it has quickly gained its popularity. Users can easily download movies with these features. This website also attracts inbound traffic. The following features are available:

  • The content is of high quality

This website is known for the high quality of its movies, which makes it a popular choice among users. It offers HD movies. Thus, you can enjoy a rich visual experience. There are different resolutions in which you can download the movies. The most common are 420p, 720p, and 1080p. Various formats are available for downloading movies, including DVDRip, HDRip, Bluray, and DVDScr. 

  • Navigating the site is simple

Users can easily navigate the website since it was designed in a way that makes it easy. In addition to this, it has several other likable qualities that make it accessible. Downloading movies is straightforward and hassle-free. Therefore, even those not wholly accustomed to modern technology are able to use it. 

  • Updated content

Among the top sites used to download movies is a site with a large collection of recently released movies. Most movies can be found in the cinema halls as soon as they are released.

  • Organizing

Movies are categorized into various categories. Various categories are available to choose from. Just select the category you prefer.

  • Fast speeds

The movies can be downloaded at a very fast speed. Your connection speed plays a role in this, as well. It is likely that you will be able to download your movies in a brief period of time if you have a fast internet connection.


There are many movies available on this website. This website does not require any payment. In addition to watching movies online, you can download them as well. Here are some of its categories:

  • Tamil 2019 Dubbed Movies
  • Tamil Yearly Dubbed Movies
  • Tamil Dubbed Movies
  • TamilRockers Dubbed Movies
  • TamilGun Movies Download
  • Tamil A-Z Dubbed Movies
  • isaidub animation movies
  • IsaiDub 2020 Dubbed Movies
  • Tamil 2020 Dubbed Movies
  • Tamil latest Dubbed Movies
  • Hollywood Movies in (English)
  • Dubbed Tamil collections
  • Tamil Genres Dubbed Movies
  • HD Tamil Dubbed Movies
  • TamilRockers 2019 Movies
  • Isaidub Animation Movies

How to Download

The information is only intended for informational purposes. To access the illegal torrent website do not follow these steps. It is not recommended that you use the following methods to download movies from the illegal torrent website.

  • Use a link that is active to open it.
  • The homepage offers a variety of categories.
  • Select a category. Choose your movie from that category.
  • A search option is also available where you can locate a specific movie.
  • To download, click the download button.
  • A download page will appear.

It will take some time before the download begins.

Alternative List

Many options are available. It is recommended, however, to use genuine alternatives. The web is filled with illegal piracy websites similar to it. Here are some examples:

  1. 8XMoviess
  2. 9xrockers
  3. 8XMovies,
  4. YTS 
  5. Jio rockers
  6. Downloadhub
  7. Jalshamoviez
  8. Rdxhd
  9. Mastihot
  10. Moviezwap
  11. Madrasrockers
  12. Ipagal
  13. 9xmovies
  14. TodayPk
  15. Movierulz
  16. Moviesda
  17. Khatrimaza
  18. Todaypk
  19. Downloadhub
  20. Filmywap
  21. DVD Rockers
  22. Filmyzilla
  23. Tamilgun
  24. Cinemavilla
  25. Tamilrockers
  26. Wordfree4u


1. Can I use Isaidub legally?

No, it is completely illegal. Pirated movies can be downloaded from this site. The Indian government has banned it due to a number of piracy-related issues.

2. Does it support watching films on PC or desktop?

Watching downloaded movies on a phone is its main function. Watching it on a desktop may compromise the quality. You may not get what you expected.

3. Is it safe to use Isaidub?

It is important to keep in mind that this is a pirated website. Therefore, Google does not display any advertisements. However, the possibility of advertisements is still there. Additional advertisements may appear. Malware may be embedded in these ads, posing a risk to your device.  

Final Words

This was all about Isaidub. Piracy is a serious crime. The laws of India make it punishable. The purpose of this article is to provide information regarding Isaidub. It is important to know the punishment you will receive if you are caught downloading movies through it. However, there are several other legal websites where you can also download movies. We recommend you to use only the legal alternatives.