Professional Courses After 12Th

One of the most terrifying phases of one’s career path starts with the time after finishing with the plus two board exams. This period requires mental stability and focus on the part of the student for identifying the specific course of studies with which he or she would like to go further. 

Family opinion, peer pressure, confusion and not being able to decide which the correct career choice is for him or her are some of the most painful dilemmas which a majority of the students have to go through. However, the rule of thumb is that while choosing professional courses after 12th, you should go with that plus two-course, which intrigues you, or you enjoy studying or doing the most.

Often the situation is such that the list of suggestions or opinions from friends and family can distract you from your career goal. Students who chose a particular course because of the sheer reason that they will be able to get a high-paying job often ended up in failure. 

Therefore, you must go with the course that resembles your inner calling. Nonetheless, this article will help you to have a better view of 10 professional courses that you can consider after the 12th standard.

1. Bachelors of Business Administration (MBA/BBA)

This is one of the best-known courses in regards to management. Management is an integral part of any organization. An organization or a business entity constitutes of different wings and functional departments. 

Management is the gel that leads to the proper coordination between all functional levers of the business enterprise or other institutions. If you have the knack or passion to work in an organized way by setting goals, planning, taking actionable steps to achieve that goal, and evaluate it, then you must go for a business administration course. 

Let us look at some of the crucial factors about BBA.

  • BBA itself can fetch you management positions in top brands and institutions depending on your specific choice of subjects in the course.
  • You can always go for an MBA after the undergraduate course from a reputed institute so that you can achieve higher designations like Chief Executive Officer and President. 
  • Top colleges in India have cut-off marks for admission in the BBA course. However, 80% and above would be on the safer side. Some top colleges also have their entrance examinations. 

2. Engineering 

This is another popular course, which is widely considered as one of the best courses after 12th science. Initially, engineering had been one of the most prestigious courses with a variety of bright career choices. More and more students in India opted to be an engineer for its attractive salary structure and growth opportunities. 

However, soon enough the field of engineering reached the saturation mark in the Indian market. 

The current scenario indicates the fact that engineering, as a professional course, has become stable. It can be opted as a viable career option. If you want to design cost-effective manufacturing processes, innovate structures; build tools and processes for the better functioning of an organization, then you must opt for a Bachelor of Technology. 

Let us look at some of the crucial factors in engineering.

  • A stable career in the field of engineering will require a degree of Bachelor of Engineering or Bachelor of Technology from UGC or the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE).
  • The minimum eligibility criteria for an engineering degree would be 60% marks in the science group of subjects including Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics or Biology.
  • You also need to sit for the national entrance examinations like JEE, AIEEE, and other exams.

3. Bachelors of Computer Application

One of the professional courses after 12th science is the BCA. The emergence of computers has revolutionized the working styles of organizations, institutions, and other areas of work. These machines have become a day-to-day part of life and have resulted in the vast expansion of the Information Technology industry. 

Computer applications refer to the creation of software-based application programs developed for providing convenience to the user in a definitive way. As a BCA student, you would be engaged in learning the software for operating different computer systems. Let us look at some of the crucial factors about BCA.

  • One of the most crucial eligibility criteria after 12th for a BCA degree would be 50% marks in the plus two English examinations.
  • Top colleges and universities have their subject-specific cut-off and might have their entrance examination for the same.
  • The course would be of a 3-year duration in which you would be studying different core programming languages, coding, and the ways to develop user-oriented applications or software

4. Mass Communication

This is one of the highly revered courses, which one can pursue after plus two examinations. If you are highly passionate about creating content or reporting critical news and pieces of information to the mass for making them, then you should pursue mass communication after the 12th. 

Mass communication refers to the process of reaching out to the mass for conveying a message or information through varied sources or mediums of communication. This course will help you to understand the use of print as well as digital media to influence a huge audience at the same time. 

The role of mass communication is becoming crucial in the modern world. Moreover, it is also important for a marketing or advertising role. Let us look at some of the important factors about Mass Communication.

  • Mass communication has four wings namely advertising, broadcasting, journalism, and public relations.
  • If you have strong communication skills and believe in changing the world through your creativity and skills, then you should opt for this course.
  • Some of the career options after pursuing a course in mass communication would be Public Relation Officer, Sound mixer, TV Correspondent, Editor, Reporter, and other variety of choices.
  • The course can be pursued with a good percentage in the plus two examinations. 

5. Hospitality or Hotel Management

This career option is associated with the service sector. Hospitality or hotel management refers to the management services, which are required for the seamless operation of a hotel or restaurant. 

Beginning with chef, culinary services, room service, reception, and other coordinating pointers, which are needed for a hotel or restaurant to function properly, come under this particular professional course. The primary motive behind the hotel or hospitality management would be providing smooth service to its clients. 

There is a variety of attractive job opportunities available as a part of the hotel management career like working in famous hotels, restaurants, resorts, and cruising projects.

  • Typically, the minimum cut-off for pursuing a career in hotel management would be around 50%.
  • However, getting admission to the top universities and colleges would require you to sit for entrance examinations like NCHMCT JEE.
  • Another reward associated with the career choice is that it lets you travel and stay in famous tourist destination spots free. 

6. Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (MBBS)

Recent times have shown the entire world, the need for doctors and health workers and the ways they have served society selflessly without anything in return. Therefore, it is one of the most prestigious courses to pursue as a career after 12th science. 

A doctor is considered one of the revered professions of all times. While pursuing MBBS you can opt to become a general practitioner or you can aspire further to become a surgeon. 

It is crucial to remember here that the path to becoming a doctor is exceptionally long and time- taking. However, good things take time. Let us look at some of the crucial factors about MBBS.

  • The MBBS degree can be achieved within 5.5 years of duration. 
  • This branch of academics requires mental focus and patience. Moreover, medicine requires hard work and prolonged study schedules. It is also said that a doctor remains a student for the entire professional life.
  • The minimum eligibility criteria for the degree would be around 60% in the science group subjects.
  • This would clear the way for sitting in the national entrance examination known as NEET.

7. Finance

This is the field for you if you see yourself as an investment banker, chartered accountant, cost accountant, or other finance-related career options. The broad categories in which this field of study can be divided are public, personal, and corporate finance. 

Students who want a career in audit-related operations should also go for this career option. Let us look at some of the crucial factors about Finance. 

  • The major responsibilities, which you have to carry out as a finance officer, revolve around planning and organizing the financial operations of the company. This includes controlling costs and employing the business capital into high-return investment pools. 
  • The minimum eligibility for pursuing a course in finance would be the inclusion of commerce and mathematics in the plus two subjects. 
  • It should be noted here that the Common Proficiency Test is the entrance examination for a career in CA. 

8. Law

Pursuing a career in Law is also considered as one of the most popular professional courses after 12th. Studying law does not mean that the only career option is a lawyer or an advocate. Different branches of Law can be pursued. 

There are two broad categories of Law, which are known as Civil and Criminal Laws. The B.A.L.L.B degree allows you to deal with different branches of civil law like corporate legal and administrative services. 

You might also be appointed as the legal advisor for a business firm or practice as an advocate in a court. You can also opt for becoming a criminal lawyer. Let us look at some of the crucial factors about Law. 

  • It is advised to sit for the B.A.L.L.B program that is an integrated program and runs for 5 years. 
  • Top colleges and universities consider the entrance examination marks known as Common Law Admission Test and Common Law Entrance Test. 
  • The minimum eligibility criteria for the course would be 45% marks in plus two.

9. Bachelors in Education

This is another revered profession, which is widely preferred globally. Educators are considered as the professional who builds the foundation of the society. They are the primary and foremost sculptors of the future generation. 

If you have the requisite passion and interest to become an educator so that you can influence lives and contribute to society positively, then you should opt for the bachelor’s in education course. Let us look at some of the crucial factors about Education. 

  • The role of a teacher is contemporary and is crucial for building a responsible and empathetic society. 
  • For pursuing B.Ed., you will require at least 50% marks in plus two examinations. 
  • Some of the positions that you can avail of after successful completion of B.Ed. are teacher, curriculum designer, assistant principal, and school leader. 

10. Bachelors of Social Work

This is another rising sector, which is becoming immensely popular in times to come. The social sector refers to the professionals who aspire to work as social workers or engage in social services. This professional sector allows individuals to work with problems and issues that are challenging the community or society at large. Let us look at some of the crucial factors about BSW. 

  • If you are fuelled by the passion to bring about sustainable change in society, then this career path might be the right option for you. 
  • For opting for a BSW, you should have at least 50% marks in your plus two examinations. 
  • It is crucial to understand that this job role requires engagement in the field.
  • BSW will help you further do the master of social work if required. 


After the plus two examinations, you can opt for the above-mentioned top ten professional courses. It is highly recommended that you go for the course that resonates with your aspirations and life goals rather than just settling in for money. 

It is crucial to understand here that family or friends shall provide feedback about a course based on their personal experience. This shall have nothing to do with your choice as your experience with your chosen subject or course might be completely different and positive, given that you have opted for the course for all the right reasons. 

Therefore, go for the professional course in which you find your unique expression.


1. What is the best course after 12th commerce?

There is no best professional course. The course that you select should be compatible with your goal. However, after 12th commerce, you can go for a bachelor’s in accountancy and chartered accountancy thereafter.

2. What job will always be in demand?

The service sectors like teachers, doctors, lawyers, and social workers will always be needed by society.

3. What is the best course after 12th science?

There are many options after passing the plus two examinations with science. However, a Bachelor of Computer Application would be a viable option. 

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