Advantages And Disadvantages Of Online Classes

One term we learned and started using after Covid-19 Pandemic is “The New Normal”. Whether it is about wearing a mask every time we step out of the house or online learning classes, things around us have evolved as the new normal.

The pandemic has triggered new learning methods for all students through Online Classes, we never thought would happen so soon. While some students enjoy this virtual teaching method, others still prefer the physical teaching mode. So, to understand whether it is a good or a bad move, it is crucial to inspect the advantages and disadvantages of Online Classes. 

In this article, we will talk about both the Merits and Demerits of Online Classes in India and how we can improve them for better results. Let’s begin.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Classes in 2024?

The virtual Learning Method has evolved a lot in the tough times of the Pandemic to make study accessible and safe for all students. Still, there is a lot of scope for development. 

Here are some remarkable online classes advantages and disadvantages you must take a look at to understand their importance and scope in future:

Advantages of Online Classes in 2024

1) Makes learning Convenient and Flexible

One of the most significant advantages of online classes is that it provides convenience and flexibility to learn from any place any time. Now students don’t have to commute for hours daily to attend classes or school. 

All they need is a good internet connection and a smartphone/laptop to attend online classes. This makes online study a more convenient and better option for students. 

They can utilise their commuting time in some other recreational activities at home. This will help them in their overall personality development.

2) Reduces cost of learning

Online classes are beneficial for both students and institutes in terms of reduced learning costs. Now educational institutes can operate all the courses online with a good internet connection and a device. It reduced infrastructure maintenance, electricity, and other physical expenses. This reduced the school fees for students to make study more affordable and accessible for everyone.

Similarly, it saves commuting costs for students as they can attend classes anywhere with a strong internet connection. Also, online courses and tools save students’ money on physical study material, making it an economical learning method for all.

3) Offers more individual attention

Online classes allow students to focus on learning and interact with the teacher better than they can do in class, especially for shy students. Many students fear asking their doubts in class as there are lots of students present. But when they get a chance to interact with the teacher one-on-one in the inbox, they feel more confident.

Also, many notorious groups in the classroom make it difficult for other students to focus appropriately on the study. But in online classes, students can stay more attentive by concentrating only on what the teacher is teaching, fostering more interaction.

4) Provides knowledge of technical and online learning tools

Another advantage of online classes is that it makes students, teachers, and parents aware of various online technical and online learning tools.

Initially, many teachers and parents felt uncomfortable using Zoom or other video conferencing apps as they were unaware of how to use them. But with regular application and usage, online classes are making them more tech-savvy to adapt to the digital era.

5) A safe and risk-free learning mode

As we are living with the continuous risk of Coronavirus spread, online learning is the safest mode of study involving no physical or social interaction. Students can conveniently attend the classes by being at home, saving them from coming in contact with an infectious person. 

Also, by being at home, they can adequately focus on their diet to build immunity while attending their online classes.

Disadvantages of Online Classes in 2024

Along with the merits of online classes, there are some demerits that have a scope for improvement, such as:

1) Increased Screen Time can affect Physical & Mental Health

As online classes have increased screen exposure, it can have adverse effects on the physical and mental health of a student. Continuously attending 3-4 hours of online courses can cause strain on the eyes, headache and other problems.

Also, the prolonged exposure to a laptop or computer can leads to bad posture or other physical problems when students lean towards the screen.

2) Network and Technology Issues

One of the biggest issues with online learning is poor network connectivity or other technical problems. Not all students have access to proper technical equipment or a good internet connection, making it challenging to attend online classes regularly.

Many students or their parents are still unaware of the online learning resources and their usage. So it is crucial to make these tools easily accessible and affordable for everyone. They need proper guidance or counselling to feel confident about virtual learning.

3) Increased Responsibility of Parents

Online classes have increased parents’ responsibility and attention towards their children. They need to closely observe how well their child is concentrating on their studies, as teachers did earlier.

Also, parents need to take care that students don’t get distracted by social media platforms and pay attention to their online classes. They need to make sure that students complete their assignments and tasks on time to sync with the syllabus without any difficulty.

4) Lack of Social Interaction

Social Interaction is crucial for a child’s personality development and interpersonal skills. Some students tend to perform and learn better in a group by interacting with each other. But online classes don’t allow much social interaction.

In online classes, there is very little or no physical interaction between students. This may lead to isolation and disinterest in them many times. However, it can be improved by inducing some interactive group sessions during breaks.

5) Difficulty to focus on the study due to multiple online distractions

Along with online learning tools, internet access and smartphone devices have also increased students’ distractions like social media platforms, gaming apps, etc. 

Now they tend to be distracted so quickly by these apps as entertainment is just a click away. Online classes require self-discipline. So parents need to make sure that students don’t get distracted by such apps during their classes.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do some students hate online learning?

One possible reason for students to feel disinterested in online classes can be the lack of social interaction. Sometimes, students think online learning is impersonal and non-interactive. They find it difficult to focus on the screen for a long time and thus easily gets distracted by other entertainment apps. 

This can be improved by making the topic and learning more engaging & interactive by teachers. Teachers can think of some exciting quizzes or other activities during the break to make the online learning interactive and fun.

2. Are online classes as effective as regular classes?

Yes, online classes can be as effective as regular classes only if technology is accessible and convenient for everyone who wants it. Also, teachers and parents need to ensure that students don’t feel distressed about their studies. They need to make them feel comfortable and interactive during the online classes.

Final Words!

Every learning method has its merits and demerits, just like the virtual learning mode. Teachers and parents need to focus on both advantages and disadvantages of online classes to improve them for students. Also, students need to understand the importance of online learning to pay proper attention & dedication towards it. 

There are plenty of online learning tools and resources available for students, which you can find in our blogs. If you find any difficulty accessing any such tool, you can ask us about it in the comments! Stay safe and keep learning.

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