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Disroot Mail Desktop App for Mac and PC - WebCatalog


Get the Disroot Mail desktop app for Mac and PC on WebCatalog. ... Free and secure email accounts for your desktop IMAP client or via a Web-interface.

Disroot Mail Desktop App for Mac and PC - WebCatalog
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27 Dec 2020 — 1. Access Email Inbox · Open web browser. · Go to disroot.org. · Click login under Email section. · Enter your username then your password of ...

How to login
  • 1. Go to the Disroot website at https://disroot.org/en/.
  • 2. Click the “Sign in” button located at the top right of the page.
  • 3. Enter your login credentials (username and password) into the corresponding fields and click “Log in”.
  • 4. Once logged in, click on the “Mail” icon located at the top left of the page to access your Disroot email account.

Disroot, what is it and how to open an account on this platform?


Disroot on a platform that brings together different free and open services to work with. Enter and discover what it can do for you.

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13 Sept 2022 — The only email account I ever liked was Disroot. They are 100% reliable and there are no ads. Never had login problems with any of the ...

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20 May 2022 — Is there any way to connect to disroot mail client ? The access to the mail client from disroot dashboard is …

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DAVx⁵ settings. Base URL: https://cloud.disroot.org. User name and password: Use the same email address and password which you use in the webmail login ...

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This app is like your Swiss Army knife to the Disroot platform. ... have a Disroot account you can still use this app to access all the Disroot

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11 Jan 2022 — All emails, unless encrypted by the user (with GnuPG/PGP, for example) are stored unencrypted on our servers. https://www.cupwire.com/disroot/.

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Disroot is completely free to use up to 1 GB in the mailbox. It is possible to fill out a request for extra storage up to 10 GB for 0.15 euro per GB per month.

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22 Jan 2023 — The best Disroot alternatives are Proton Mail, Tutanota and Posteo. ... so you can receive email without exposing your main email address ...

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07 Oct 2019 — Recently I started to use a Disroot account, but I can't integrate it into the Mail app.Got it on Thunderbird, but when I try to do it on ...

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19 Apr 2018 — Disroot is a volunteer privacy-focused platform that combines free private email with secure cloud services, including an online office ...

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11 Sept 2022 — I check my Disroot email account frequently. Never had a problem with login. All of a sudden, my browser is out of date and they won't let ...

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21 Feb 2022 — Disroot provides secure email accounts for your desktop client or via a web interface. The communication between you and the mail server is ...

RainLoop Webmail


RainLoop Webmail - Simple, modern & fast web-based email client.


Q: What is Disroot email?

A: Disroot email is an online, secure and privacy-focused email service provided by the non-profit organization Disroot. It allows users to send and receive emails using their own domain name, or a Disroot address.

Q: How do I set up a Disroot email account?

A: To get started with your Disroot email account, simply create an account on the Disroot platform. Once there you'll be able to select either your own domain or a Disroot address for your new mailbox. The next step is to configure your mail client such as Thunderbird or Outlook so that you can start sending and receiving emails.

Q: Is my data secure when using a Disroot email account?

A: Yes! Your data is safe when using a Disroot email account because all communication is encrypted between server and client using TLS (Transport Layer Security) technology. This means that any third parties will not be able to access the contents of your emails unless they have access to the encryption key used for the communication.

Q: Are there any storage limits associated with a Disroot email account?

A: No, there are no storage limits associated with a Disroot email account. You can store as much data as you want in your mailbox without having to worry about running out of space or hitting any other type of limitation.

Q: How much does it cost to use a Disroot email account?

A: Using a Disroot email account is completely free! There are no charges associated with creating and using this service, making it an excellent choice for those looking for an affordable yet secure way to communicate online.


To complete the login steps, make sure that your device is connected to the internet. Follow all the steps correctly and get access to your account.

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