Top 10+ Best Printers with Refillable Ink Cartridges in 2020

Color printers have evolved over the years. The cost of color printouts with respect to inkjet printers are high and not everyone wants to add it to their overheads. This is where refillable ink cartridges come into play. Refilling a cartridge helps reduce the cost. This reduces the cost drastically.

Not all-in-one’s are one. If you find the correct cohesive device, it will nearly be impossible for you to ever purchase a singular device. That is saying only if you can purchase one as per your fit. This is especially true when someone is looking for the best printers with refillable ink cartridges. All in one can print, scan, copy and fax but is it fit for your needs? Maybe you are between small businesses, beyond home use and not yet a large organisation, therefore you need a machine which best fits your needs.

Best Printers with Refillable Ink Cartridges

ImageNameFeaturesCheck Price
Epson EcoTank ET-2720

  • Speed; 10 pages per minute

  • Weight: 12.62 pounds

  • Warranty: 2 years limited

Brother INKvestmentTank Inkjet Printer

  • Speed: 12 pages per minute

  • Weight: 19.4 pounds

  • Warranty: 2-year limited warranty

Canon G7020 All-in-One Printer

  • Speed:
    13 pages per minute

  • Weight: 28.9 pounds

  • Warranty: 2-year limited warranty

HP OfficeJet 5260 Wireless All-in-One Printer

  • Speed: 15 pages per minute

  • Weight: 16.46 pounds

  • Warranty: 2 year limited warranty

Epson EcoTank Pro ET-16650

  • Speed: 27 pages per minute

  • Weight: 52.8 pounds

  • Warranty: 2 year limiter

Brother Inkjet Printer

  • Speed: 22 pages per minute

  • Weight: 53.10 pounds

  • Warranty: 1 year limited

Canon TS5120 Wireless

  • Speed: 40 pages per minute

  • Weight: 14.3 pounds

  • Warranty: 1 year limited

HP Neverstop Laser Printer 1001nw

  • Speed: 21 pages per minute

  • Weight: 19.25 pounds

  • Warranty: 1 year limited hardware

Brother HL-L8260CDW Business Color Laser Printer

  • Speed: 33 pages per minute

  • Weight: 47.9 pounds

  • Warranty: 1 year limited

Epson WorkForce ET-4750

  • Speed: 15 pages per minute

  • Weight: 15 pounds

  • Warranty: 2 year limited warranty

1. Epson EcoTank ET-2720 Wireless Color All-in-One Supertank Printer

Epson EcoTank ET-2720 Wireless Color All-in-One Supertank Printer with Scanner and Copier - Black


  • Speed– 10 pages per minute
  • Capacity– 3000 pages monthly cycle
  • Weight-12.62 pounds
  • Warranty– 2 years limited

This all in one Epson offering does lack in multiple features and speed, but it compensates it by giving top-notch quality and running costs, therefore if you are looking for an affordable printer, then the best printers with refillable ink cartridges are Epson EcoTank ET-2720. 

This is by far one of the most compact machines to have on your desk. This is lightweight at 12.62 pounds. The ET-2720 has a control panel which is a monochrome panel, 1.44-inch non-touch control panel. The navigation is done by arrow keys, the set buttons of home, help, back, copy. This is a basic model, therefore it lacks the feature of the automatic document feeder, therefore the duplexing here is manual, meaning you need to turn the pages to do a print. 

The connectivity issues are diverse with Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, which connects a single PC by USB 2.0, and Wi-Fi Direct. The support of a peer to peer wireless protocol helps connection with local area networks without wire. There are mobile connectivity options which include all cloud printing. ET-2720 supports a 100 sheet tray which pulls out from the hind of the machine. The monthly cycle of 3000 sheets is low, so this is essentially a personal refillable ink cartridge multifunction.

The speed is 10.5 pages per minute for a monochrome page, 5 pages per minute for colour. As per the norm, inkjet printers produce high standards in prints, Epson 2720 stands tall to this claim. The intricate detailing in graphical printouts was observed, there were no or zero gradients or deviations observed and the graphics were near perfect. The quality of the printed photographs was also par excellent. The photographs had the correct colour, the hues were vibrant, there was no gradient or light filtration. 

The cost of printing is the second biggest plus point of this printer. The cost works out as 0.3 cents per black and white printout and 0.9 cents for a coloured printout. The inks in the cartridge last enough for 7500 monochrome and 6000 coloured printouts. Only other models that we know that have lower costs than these are the expensive and premium models. The refillable ink also goes a long way to reduce the costs.

It is a very fuss-free, no frill printer which prints out for a penny apiece. The printer also scans and copies. It is for home users who need high quality and infrequent printout.

  • Print quality is excellent
  • The cost per printing is very low
  • Has a peer to peer connectivity option
  • Very basic

2. Brother INKvestmentTank Inkjet Printer, MFC-J995DW XL

Brother INKvestmentTank Inkjet Printer, MFC-J995DW XL, Extended Print, Color All-in-One Printer, Mobile Printing Duplex Printing, Upto 2-Years Ink-in-Box


  • Speed– 12 pages per minute
  • Capacity– 
  • Weight– 19.4 pounds
  • Warranty– 2-year limited warranty

If you are one of those who need to print large quantities, have a medium scale business, want good text and graphic printouts at really low cost and have a printer which has refillable ink, then the best printer with refillable ink cartridges for you is Brother MFC-J995DW XL. It is an all in one, which has been designed keeping in mind small businesses. The versatility of features, the capacity for ink cartridges at low cost is the USP.

This all in one has a printer sheet tray capacity of 150 sheets, with  20 sheet document feeder and a 50 sheet output tray. The speciality media tray is an added advantage. The other USP is the feature which supports automatic duplexing. The inline both side printing is fast and cost-saving. 

An angled front side control panel at 45 degrees is a breeze to operate. The 2.7-inch touch panel has an entire gamut of menu function, it easy to use and well visible. The only issue that arises is when you need to use the entire QWERTY keyboard, then the size is slightly cramped. The front panel is also aided by USB drive or memory card options. The PDF support is poor and this works best with JPEG images. The non-conformist design has USB and ethernet ports within the printer, such that to access it one needs to lift the scanner bed. This would require extremely lengthy cables. Even more eccentric is the speciality media tray. It takes in the feed, one sheet at a time. The conversion is also tricky.

What works in its advantage though is the print speed. For the given category this model houses in, the print speed of 10.3 pages per minute for monochrome text printing is fairly good. The duplexing function when used slows the machine slightly and it produces 4 pages per minute. The coloured and graphic printouts though are very fast as per the category. They come out at 4.9 pages per minute, only Epson’s model beats this speed. 

The copies made by this were fast and efficient. The average speed of 25.2 seconds was bested at 15.1 seconds. We dare say that not just in the category, but in the entire segment, they were one of the fastest scanners. Similarly with copying, at 12.7 seconds, they were by far the fastest. The resolution of scan at 600 dpi made the scan quality very clear. 

Print quality is topnotch, with the text being legible, sharp and crisp even at the smallest font size. Duplex print texts came out lighter, but that is understood as dark duplex may imprint on the other side of the page, making reading illegible. The graphical prints are extremely detailed with the colours well nuanced and vibrant. There is no deviation in colours or gradients. The detailing is also on point in graphics as well as photographs. Even the scan quality is crisp and the reproduction perfect. 

It uses super high yield cartridges that are refillable. These are called INKvestment tanks. The cost of a black and white cartridge is 1.2 cents, that for a coloured 5.8 cents. Being easy to set up and use, this has large ink cartridges. The features ordered are pretty standard and the cost low. Therefore, this can be a good fit for your requirements.

  • The print quality is excellent.
  • The cost of printing is low
  • It has auto-duplexing and ADF
  • The sheet trays are weird with just one sheet

3. Canon G7020 All-in-One Printer for Home Office

Canon G7020 All-In-One Printer For Home Office | Wireless Supertank (Megatank) Printer | Copier | Scan, | Fax and ADF with Mobile Printing, Black


  • Speed– 13 pages per minute
  • Capacity– 5000 pages
  • Weight– 28.9 pounds
  • Warranty– 2-year limited warranty

This cartridge less, with a built-in ink tank inkjet printer, is capable of printing hundreds of pages per month and therefore is well suited for home and office needs. Like that of all other tank printers, this has an excellent quality, feature set even though it is slightly slow. The USP of this machine is that it has an auto-duplexing scanner, which scans multipage documents automatically without human intervention. 

This is a robust and durable model. This is a small and lightweight multifunction which has a refillable cartridge also called ink tank. This machine has an ADF or Automatic Document Feeder, which makes copies, scans, faxes, configures amongst others on commands from the control panel which is a two line LCD panel. The panel consists of navigation buttons, drill down menu system which gets a tad bit difficult. The buttons are standard navigation between color, black, speed, start, stop amongst others. It has a 10 number keypad. 

The paper sheet capacity is of 350 sheets, where there is a primary cassette of 250 sheets and a 100 sheet tray which is pulled from the rear of the machine. The connectivity options are diverse with Ethernet up to 100BaseT, 802.11n Wi-Fi, Wi-fi direct and USB 2.0. It even supports cloud printing and mobile printing. This printer comes with a Canon App which has a variety of functions for photos.

The printer prints at a speed of 13 pages per minute for monochrome prints, but a poor 4.4 pages per minute for graphical printouts. This is slow as compared to other machines of this range. The print quality though makes up for the speed. The printouts are way above average, with the fonts being shaped synchronously, legible at even smallest sizes and highly legible. The graphics though had a trace of banding when it got to intricate graphics, but that is hardly saying it is bad. This is a very good output.

Cost optimization comes from this. The monochrome print worksout at 0.3 cents per page, whereas the colour print comes at 0.9 cents per page. This is the lowest print cost we have seen across all segments. Canon comes with 2 bottles of ink, making this a completely deadly combination. Purchase this machine only if your requirement is of more than a few hundreds a month, otherwise you will not benefit from the cost.

  • Excellent output
  • Automatic duplexing and ADF
  • 2 set of ink bottles, meaning nearly 18000 printouts
  • Bulkier than competition, with old world navigation panel

4. HP OfficeJet 5260 Wireless All-in-One Printer

HP OfficeJet 5260 Wireless All-in-One Printer – includes 2 Years of Ink Delivered to Your Door, Works with Alexa (Z4B13A)


  • Speed– 15 pages per minute
  • Capacity– 
  • Weight– 16.46 pounds
  • Warranty– 2 year limited warranty

This one is designed for small home environments. This has all basic features that can cover the necessary functions but is not capable of handling large amounts of prints. If you are looking for the best printers with refillable ink cartridges to be able to do fast printouts and make good quality copies, then this is the machine for you. One of the most compact machines available, it can fit right in the cosy of your desk.

This recent model offering of HP has added features which greatly implement its AI. The idea behind AI is that it can help alter the speed of the functions of a printer. For complex print jobs and during time saving this becomes the need of the hour. It helps you to get a lot done just at the press of a single button. This speaks volumes of the importance of AI. That being said, it still is a home style printer, so much of the benefit can the user derive is subjective.

The 35 sheet automatic document feeder tray is easy, convenient and works kinda well. You need to be very accurate with the placement of the papers in the tray. The duplex printing is available and is very efficient. For standard size photos this printer is capable of printing borderless prints as well. The refillable ink program alongside the two years of ink delivered, make this an extremely lucrative buy. In case of small amounts of prints, this helps you keep ink available for more than two years.

The HP smart app is a fantastic way to control the device, while not only does it control the device, it also makes setup a breeze. With the help of the app you can easily use the wireless functions of the device. The connectivity offered by this device include- wi-fi and USB. The wi-fi has a reception up to 5G bandwidth, which is an added advantage. Even for normal home use, wi-fi and USB is more than sufficient, this seriously lacks bluetooth even for home printers. 

It has a monochrome display which is 2.2 inch which though is very small. The touchscreen based display is very effective when it comes to using the controls of the model. Navigation through various functions and features become easy. This supports paper sizes from small 4 by 6 inches of photographs, to legal papers, business papers and large envelopes. The two year warranty that it comes with is also a dream. 

The print speed of 15 pages per minute for monochrome and 7 pages per minute for colour is quite fast in the category this printer resides in. The monochrome texts are crisp, legible down to smallest points of the font. For the colour printouts, you can get your desired quality but only when you can adjust the settings to reach the output quality you are looking for. The tray though looks cramped when you load it with papers, so the output also looks affected. The graphics have some light differences and gradings, but for the given price range, that is acceptable.

All in all it is a good machine in case you are looking for something more sturdy and resu=olute with refillable ink.

  • The speed of printing
  • Supports wi-fi upto 5G
  • Uses HP AI
  • Doesn’t have ethernet or bluetooth

5. Epson EcoTank Pro ET-16650 Wireless Wide-Format Color All-in-One Supertank Printer

Epson EcoTank Pro ET-16650 Wireless Wide-Format Color All-in-One Supertank Printer with Scanner, Copier, Fax and Ethernet


  • Speed– 27 pages per minute (monochrome) 17 images per minute (colored)
  • Capacity– 66000 sheets
  • Weight– 52.8 pounds
  • Warranty– 2 year limiter

This is designed to be of great help to workgroups and businesses. This printer is designed to be able to print super-tabloid size images while being able to scan and copy tabloid size images as well. The USP of this printer is the low cost at which this prints. Along with the refillable ink cartridges, this surely is a choice to make if you have a similar budget. 

This is a large machine and weighs high at 52.8 pounds. This is a machine that needs a space dedicated to it. Though if you compare it to its peers in this segment, this takes up less space. This scanner has a 50 page auto-duplexing scanner Automatic Document Feeder, that is, it can scan both sides of a document without manual intervention, not only does it scan, it can also copy and fax in a similar manner. 

This has a busy control panel. It is the master controller to the functions of this powerful all in one. From being able to navigate between the functions, to configuring the device, taking stock of the supplies, performing preset tasks amongst others, are all easily and well controlled by the control panel. The control panel in itself has been designed with handful task specific buttons, large and well spaced number pad, 4.3 inch large coloured touch screen. Though this can also be configured and personalised by any of the web portals as well. 

As per the given technology known, they seem to have a comprehensive set of connection options. It supports Ethernet interface, USB 3.0, Wi-Fi, peer to peer networking connection of Wi-Fi direct and Bluetooth Light Edition. These along with the plethora of mobile connectivity options, this is the machine to have for any medium to large business enterprise.

The print out speed is moderately comparable to others in this class of printers. At 27 pages per minute, they surpass what Epson promises at 25 pages. The colour print out is fast at 17 pages per minute. At 4.7 images per minute, the photographic printout speed is slower than the rest. The output quality though just wows you.  Epson’s PrecisionCore 4S printhead which uses two PrecisionCore Heat-Free ink chips alongside a small, dense, and tightly clustered nozzle set helps to create vivid and true colours which are accurate to a fault. 

It is true that all inkjet printers are close to accurate, but when magnified or looked minutely some have graniness or other slight flaws. Epson printers don’t have that. The monochrome printouts also rival every laserjet printout ever, with the fonts being well legible at as low as 2 points, mostly all font styles being precise and well shaped. There are no color shifts or banding observed in either the graphics or the photographs.

Because of the first 2 years of the ink programme, this printer’s running costs are as low as 2 cents for both monochrome and coloured printout. Amazing, but true. This is a printer which doesn’t cut corners or skimps on details. Unbelievable but true. 

  • Exceptional output print quality
  • Very low cost of running
  • Connectivity options are diverse.
  • Expensive model

6. Brother Inkjet Printer, MFCJ6945DW, INKvestmentTank Color Inkjet All-in-One Printer

Brother Inkjet Printer, MFCJ6945DW, INKvestmenttank Color Inkjet All-in-One Printer with Wireless, Duplex Printing and Up to 1-Year of Ink in-Box, Amazon Dash Replenishment Ready


  • Speed– 22 pages per minute (monochrome) 20 pages per minute color
  • Capacity– 30,000 pages
  • Weight– 53.10 pounds
  • Warranty– 1 year limited

An affordable wide-format, all in one printer, which can handle light to moderate use, supports tabloid size printing and is accompanied by a large sheet tray are the reasons why this Brother Inkjet Printer is one of our best printers with refillable ink cartridges. The low cost of printing alongside professional quality adds to the sheen of this printer. 

This is a largish printer at 14.9 by 22.6 by 18.8 inches dimensions and 53.10 pound of weight. This size is comparable to other similar printers, but this has a disadvantage of being able to handle light to moderate use only. So it seems bulkier than the others in this category. This model has a large paper tray which has a capacity of 600 sheets. These  sheets are divided amongst two sheet drawers of 250 sheets along with a 100 sheet multi tray at the back. Not only are these trays auto duplexing, it also has a 50 sheet tray of auto-duplexing automatic document feeder or ADF. 

The control panel is a landmine of activity, whereby, one can not only make changes, they can do the setup, create preset functions, do the daily functions. There is a large space number keypad which helps control the functions, along with an extremely responsive touch panel. It has an amalgam tank setup. Which is basically an ink tank along with a cartridge both of which are refillable. To make things easy for the user, as between the ink tank and cartridge, this printer has a lot of ink and to estimate the actual levels is difficult. Therefore it talks in terms of number of pages printed, number of pages that can potentially be printed with the remaining ink. 

The printout speed is fairly good with clocking a 22 pages per minute, whereas the color came out slightly slower at 18.3 pages per minute. The print quality is exceptional for text printouts. The precise, legible fonts are all good. The coloured photographs are also detailed, and are borderless and look printed from a  professional photo printer. The graphics though are average with some banding and gradients observed. But given its price range, we cannot fault it. 

With monochrome printouts at 1 cents and color at 5 cents, this is a cost effective model. This is a printer which has invested in the machine without taking the easy way out and it shows.

  • Printout quality is exceptional
  • Prints at low cost
  • Supports tabloid size pages
  • Has no bluetooth support

7. Canon TS5120 Wireless All-In-One Printer with Scanner and Copier

Canon TS5120 Wireless All-In-One Printer with Scanner and Copier: Mobile and Tablet Printing, with Airprint(TM) and Google Cloud Print compatible, Black


  • Speed– 40 pages per minute (monochrome)
  • Capacity
  • Weight– 14.3 pounds
  • Warranty– 1 year limited

This is a budget printer which can also scan and copy. The budget printer may have limited features, but is built solidly. This is a budget printer yet is in the consideration for best printers with refillable ink cartridge because of its performance in this category. 

This is an extremely compact and lightweight printer that can even be stored on a shelf. A simple design which is pretty user friendly as well as functional. An angled user panel in the form of a 2.2 inch non-touch LCD. It also has control buttons along with a 4 way rocker and a central OK switch. With a paper sheet tray capacity of 200 sheets, this does have good capacity despite being an entry level, budget, refillable ink all in one. 

The features that it has are a flatbed scanner, auto-duplexing feature. This is a two ink tank model with one being black and the other being a mix of cyan, magenta and yellow. The running costs of this machine are- 6.7 for monochrome printouts and 14.7 cents for colour printouts. The cost is standard given the range this printer occupies in. 

The connectivity options for this printer are mobile connectivity, USB, Wi-Fi. The lack of any ethernet or peer to peer networking connection makes it a very home use machine. This is a budget printer, hence the speed of it is bound to be slow. Even then this averaged 12.5 pages per minute for monochrome and 4.3 pages per minute for colour. They are not significantly lower than some mid range models. The speed though are acceptable.

The print quality again is fairly standard. With decent to good text print outs with the font being legible and well shaped, graphics were average. There was some banding and graduation observed in the prints. But the detailing, the colour saturation, fine lines were all on point. The photo quality was disappointing and barely functional. There was colour variance, bright areas lost finer details, tinting was observed on the black and white prints. This is a very functional printer. 

This is a fine printer for light use, home use and occasional printing. The fact that cartridges are refillable, make it an excellent budget buy.

  • The speed is decent
  • The monochrome printouts are good
  • It has auto-duplexing
  • The print quality for photos is subliminal

8. HP Neverstop Laser Printer 1001nw 

HP Neverstop Laser 1001nw Wireless Monochrome Printer with built-in Ethernet & cartridge-free toner tank, comes with up to 5,000 pages of toner in the box (5HG80A)


  • Speed– 21 pages per minute
  • Capacity– 20000 sheets
  • Weight– 19.25 pounds
  • Warranty– 1 year limited hardware

This is a standalone printer that only prints, is a laser printer, is monochrome and is HP’s offering to the best printer with refillable ink cartridges. The innovation of moving on from refillable inkjet printers to laser printers is the key here. It is not only cost effective, but also environment friendly. Not only does this do away with bulky toner packaging, it also slashes the cost effectively. All one has to do when they are out of ink is to open the bin inside the cartridge that has refill ink. 

This is a reservoir system of toner, which has a capacity of approximately 5000 pages print ink. There is a signal which indicates the time for refill, this signal occurs when the reservoir is half empty, therefore as the name NEVERSTOP suggests, this laser printer with refillable ink cartridge literally never stops. 

The measurement of 8.3 by 15 by 11.6 inches makes it an extremely compact machine while being lightweight at 19.25 pounds. Because this is just a printer and not an all in one, it doesn’t require a control panel as such. The buttons on the top left side of the printer have preset function keys, configuration tasks. To do anything else, one needs to access the web portal. The biggest disadvantage of this printer though is the absence of auto-duplexing or automatic document feeder. This requires manual effort to flip pages for it to be printed on the other side. Given the price this printer commands, the lack of it is definitely an offset.

The connectivity options present are- USB, Wi-Fi, bluetooth, wi-fi direct and mobile connectivity. Though the lack of an ethernet port rankles, especially if it is supposed to be a business laserjet printer, the presence of multiple modern connectivity options offset the same. Though the presence of a mobile application from HP  enables you to take a ‘modern’ scan of a document or send a ‘modern’ fax. 

The sheet tray cassette holds paper of 150 sheets, with a monthly duty cycle of 20,000 sheets. While we all know the ink of a laserjet is powdered ink, it can get messy when you try to refill it, with the powder substance spilling over, running over and marking and messing areas. To offset this limitation, HP has come up with the Neverstop’s syringe shaped refill, which forces the plunger into the bin, akin to a syringe through the hatch. 

This laserjet printer has a speed of 21 pages per minute. Where it loses slightly in speed in comparison to its competitors, it gains in terms of quality and cost. The text comes out well shaped, legible, precise at as low as 4 points of the font size, while mostly all font types are well nuanced. When it comes to graphical printing, though some areas had trouble in reproducing the background fills and gradients, it was overall okayish. The photographic prints though were very good and none of them had any greyscale issues.

This literally prints a penny a page. At 0.3 cents per page, this is by far the cheapest laserjet printer we have seen in recent times. Even though the print quality is not as per standard of HP’s other non refillable laser jet printers, the quality here has no room for complaint. All said and done, if you use more than few hundred pages of printouts every month while needing laser printer output quality, there can be no other model giving lower costs than this.

  • Infinitely lower running costs
  • Great text printing quality
  • Refillable ink
  • Lack of automatic duplexing

9. Brother HL-L8260CDW Business Color Laser Printer

Brother HL-L8260CDW Business Color Laser Printer, Duplex Printing, Flexible Wireless Networking, Mobile Device Printing, Advanced Security Features – Amazon Dash Replenishment Ready


  • Speed– 33 pages per minute
  • Capacity– 50,000 sheets
  • Weight– 47.9 pounds
  • Warranty– 1 year limited

This is another laser printer which features a refillable toner. Unlike the newage HP models, this model doesn’t have an ink tank, but the cartridge it uses is refillable. The USP of this machine is the wide range of connectivity options that it offers. The quality is outstanding for graphics and tets, with better than average quality for photographs. 

This is a largish machine weighing a hefty 47.9 pounds. With its dimensions being 12.3 by 16.1 by 19.1 inches, it needs a separate work area of its own. It has a two line monochrome display, this is aided by navigation buttons, which therefore comprise the entire ‘control’ panel. It has a paper capacity of 250 sheets, of which can be increased to 1050 with additional cassettes. 

The connectivity options that this printer offers are- Ethernet, bluetooth, USB 2.0, wi-fi, wi-fi direct along with mobile printing support.

The printing speed is quite fast as compared to the average. The text only monochrome printers come out to be at 33 pages per minute, while the same is also true for color. The text quality is good and better than compared to the rest. It only became difficult to read certain fonts at size 4 points, otherwise they were all well legible till size 5 points. Though all font styles are printed well. 

The graphic output meets professional standard requirements, The color gradients, the thin lines all work out well, though there are times when some banding is observed, otherwise it all works out well. The photograph prints though are disappointing. The printer suffers from posterization, or a situation where instead of gradual shifting of tones, there is a sudden and abrupt shift. 

Having said that, the cost per page is 2.1 cents for black and white printouts, while it is high at 12.3 cents for color printouts. The speed of the printer and the costs at this entry level of laserjet printers are what make it worth the effort.

  • Connectivity support is diverse
  • Cost for printing is low
  • Refillable toner
  • The print quality of photographs

 10. Epson WorkForce ET-4750 EcoTank Wireless Color

Epson WorkForce ET-4750 EcoTank Wireless Color All-in-One Supertank Printer with Scanner, Copier, Fax and Ethernet


  • Speed– 15 pages per minute {monochrome} 5 pages per minute (color)
  • Capacity– 5000 pages
  • Weight-15 pounds
  • Warranty-2 year limited warranty

This printer, that comes with the guarantee of incomparable output, though a bit slow in speed, is our final inclusion in this review of best printers with refillable ink cartridges. The worth of this machine is dependent on the usage. This could be a sound investment if it is a neat fit in your requirements. The ink tank based model follows the principle of most other brands of this printer type, whereby the upfront cost is high and the economy is achieved in printer ink cost. In case you are looking to print between hundreds to thousands of pages in a month, this is a good choice.

This is a four ink reservoir printer, who despite it, is small, compact and lightweight. It is an all in one that can scan, print, copy and fax, is equipped with a 35 sheet automatic document feeder, even though they lack the more common feature of auto-duplexing. It is a feature whereby, you don’t manually need to flip the paper to be printed/ scanned/ faxed on the other side. It has a 250 sheet cassette tray. 

The connectivity options here are Wi-Fi, Ethernet, USB 2.0 and for peer to peer networking, there is Wi-Fi direct. Despite being an expensive machine, it lacks Near field communication or NFC and that jars. Though it does support mobile printing and connecting to other apps via Epson Connect. 

It has a 2.4 inch color touch screen panel, which is the control hub of this multifunction. The buttons can be configured, walkup tasks performed, preset functions performed. Even though it is slightly small, it is angled and well readable and usable. The refillable ink bottle has been redesigned in a manner that ink doesn’t flow until and unless it meets the tip of the reservoir. This does away with the mess created by ink spills. 

The speed is slow, that has no excuse. At 15 pages per minute for black and white and 5 pages per minute for colour, a normal inkjet, costing much less, would give you a similar performance or even better speed. The irritation of having to wait is offset by the print output quality, which in our opinion ranks amongst the best of the best. The use of PrecisionCore printhead is beyond comparison to anything else, the text prints, the graphic prints all come out perfect, not even near, but perfect. As compared to professional photo printers, the printout were a little off putting, but as compared to all other printers, the photo printers were also good.

The core difference between a refillable ink cartridge printer and a regular printer is the economy of scales of production. The printout cost of a monochrome text printout was as low as 0.03, yes, .03 cents, whereas printout cost for colour printer was 0.97 cents. You can not beat it. Printing many and bulk quantities of pages will help you recover costs very easily. 

  • Exceptional output quality
  • Very low operational costs
  • Small and compact
  • Very slow as per the given price. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are refillable ink cartridges?

Those printers which have an incessant supply of ink via an ink tank. Basically these are those who have an ink tank rather than a disposable cartridge, or a cartridge that can be refilled with ink or powdered ink, as the case maybe. The storage capacity of these are way higher than a disposable cartridge. This means they can print out many more pages compared to others.

2. Why is the term refillable associated with them?

Basically the term they have received is literal. They are called refillable, because they can be easily refilled. The ink bottles for each ink is available and you can refill it as per your choice. The actual cartridge is not broken or tampered into, these are especially designed cartridges.

3. Would a refillable cartridge affect the warranty of the printer?

WEll, in absolution the answer would be NO. These printers are designed by the manufacturers to be able to have ink refilled in them. This has been done as a part of their green initiative. Also, to reduce the costs.


For those who need to print in bulk, that is more than a few hundreds and under a few thousand pages a month, the importance should be given to low running costs and economies of scale. The low cost is achieved by lowering the cost of the ink or the cartridge.Therefore, the refillable ink cartridge or ink tank printers are coming in vogue. They have a high initial investment, but they bring down the cost in bulk.

The best fit will be decided as per your requirements, in this article of best printers with refillable ink, we have tried to make it exhaustive and complete.